Valley Forge Map on History Detectives

PBS History Detectives - 10/10/2012

This October 2012 episode of History Detectives deals with what is possibly a hand-drawn map of Valley Forge that George Washington used during the American Revolution.

Ruth Taylor, Executive Director of the Newport (Rhode Island) Historical Society, found a document among the archive of John Austin Stevens, a descendent of a Continental Army officer. Wes Cowan, one of the hosts of History Detectives, tells Ms. Taylor that Valley Forge documents are extremely rare, and that he will ask “our office to check with our handwriting expert, John Reznikoff” to look at the writing on the front and verso of the map. It may be that of Colonel of the Engineers under George Washington, Louis Duportail.

The segment about the Valley Forge map starts at 15:45 in the video. Click here to see the full episode!