John Reznikoff in History Channel's "Custer's Last Man"

History Channel - "Custer's Last Man" - 8/5/2011

The History Channel has produced a fascinating program entitled "Custer's Last Man: I Survived Little Big Horn".  The show has stirred much controversy about the claim made many years after the 1876 battle, by a man declaring he had survived the engagement between George Armstrong Custer's troops and several bands of Northern Plains Native Americans.  The program graphically recreates some of the battle's drama, and offers fascinating facts and opinions about the validity of this claim.  Part 1 of the program, which runs about 30 minutes, can be viewed by clicking HERE.  Part 2, which features John Reznikoff's analysis and opinions about the handwriting comparison at 46:30, runs about 54 minutes, and can be viewed by clicking HERE.