Expert Witness

John Reznikoff’s work as an Expert Witness has garnered him praise from attorneys and judges worldwide. Here are some recent statements:

2014 Devengoechea vs. Venezuela Jay Warman of Max R. Price:  "Your expert report & testimony were instrumental in obtaining a judgement of $6.7 million...this was the perfect case for your expertise as it involved authentication & valuation...we could not have achieved this result without you."

2009 letter from an attorney regarding Mr. Reznikoff’s Expert witness testimony vs. State crime lab forensic expert; “…the judge directly quoted some of your testimony. He made some very specific and complimentary findings in connection with your testimony.”

2008 Aguinaldo vs. Warner Judge Grogins: “This court was most impressed with Reznikoff’s testimony as to how he determined the authenticity of the known signatures from the questioned documents…”

2008 Aguinaldo vs. Warner Judge Grogins: “This Court finds that the testimony and evidence presented by the Defendant coupled with the Defendant’s expert [Reznikoff] that the purported signatures of the two disputed documents were forgeries. This Court unequivocally credits the testimony of the Defendant’s expert [Reznikoff] of forgery.”

Here are some recent comments on the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association internet information board:

From: ROBSKOV; Subject: Re: [ccdla] URGENT handwriting expert needed; To: Date: 2009

“I haven't used Reznikoff, but sitting as an ATR, and based on Reznikoff's say so, one side stipulated to the fact that a signature was forged. I never saw the report or heard him testify, but it convinced the original proponent of the document such that they didn't even bother trying to cross.”

From: Piper Paul; Sent: 2009; To: CCDLA; Subject: Re: [ccdla] URGENT handwriting expert needed

“I have used Reznikoff for two cases and he is top notch. He is very knowledgeable, personable, and the clients really liked him. He is also very prompt in writing reports. Piper”

From: Pamala Favreau; Sent: 2009; To: CCDLA; Subject: Re: [ccdla] URGENT handwriting expert needed

“I used him once on an issue regarding an entry in a diary in a sex case. He is fun to work with and knows his stuff.”

Mr. Reznikoff’s work as a document examiner has been so successful because he is the first and only expert to combine his primary work as an autograph authenticator with a great study of forensic document examination. His lab is one of the most advanced of its kind outside of the FBI and law enforcement in the country. The devices he uses include: the Video Spectral Comparator , a $30,000 machine which is not available to the general public and the PRO SCOPE an advanced computer-aided magnifier, as seen on episodes of the TV hit, CSI. He has used these items in cases and even on an episode of PBS’s History Detectives.

John Reznikoff has established a unique niche in helping prosecutors and public defenders to structure cross-examinations of opposing counsel’s expert witnesses. John does not rely on forensic document examination for his main source of income, and judges are acutely aware of the fact that he is not a “hired gun”. Because of this fact, Reznikoff’s reports often achieve a greater degree of credibility. 

Mr. Reznikoff is the only member of the autograph community that has been accepted by the prestigious TASA, Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys. Here is his listing on the TASA website: Tasa ID: 3438640

Description: A well-known authority and writer on the subject of rare documents and manuscripts. Arguably the most requested Authenticator for historical items in the world. Clients have included the Justice Department, the FBI and state law enforcement. Have testified in both state and federal court concerning the authenticity of documents in matters ranging from forged checks to multiple murder cases. Have often aided attorneys in structuring cross-examinations of other witnesses.

Mr. Reznikoff’s resume includes:

Member, American College of Forensic Examiners

2010 - Present Examiner in multiple questioned document cases, including testimony and deposition. In one case, testimony in court led to the arrest of the defendant for forgery.

2006-Present Hired by State Government as handwriting expert in 3 murder cases, one of them a Death Penalty case.

Present – 2006 Trained with forensic experts on the most advanced document examination machine available the Video Spectral Comparator . Purchased the VSC4plus, not available to the general public, making him the only individual dealer in the trade to employ such a device.

2007-2008 Hired by a private individual in a handwriting case involving Earthlink with $300,000,000 at dispute.

1999 - Expert for the United States Department of Justice in one of the largest civil actions ever filed against the Government, in which the Nixon family sought $210 million in compensation for the taking of his papers. Consulted on authenticity and value, 1998-1999. In a report used in testimony, appraised the archive at $1.5 million, which approximated the June, 2000 settlement of $18 million (accounting for 25 years of compounded interest). Instrumental in saving U.S. Taxpayers $190 million.

1999 - Expert witness on behalf of George Pickett V, involving a dispute concerning the papers and artifacts of Gen. George Pickett of "Pickett’s Charge" fame. Testified on authenticity and value. Our client won a verdict approaching seven figures, which matched our appraisal, 1999.

Appraised the Hemingway Papers of A.E. Hotchner.

1996 - Expert witness for the defense of Historical Documents, Inc. regarding the famous John Paul Getty diaries. Helped in setting the archives value at approximately $2 million. Report was instrumental in causing the Getty family to settle before trial in 1996.

1998 - Aided the New York Grand Jury in securing an indictment and conviction of the perpetrator of a major manuscript fraud in 1998.

Plaintiff's expert witness in Joey Giardello vs. Universal Pictures et al. Evaluated harm caused Giardello by misrepresentation in the hit movie "The Hurricane". Report was instrumental in achieving a major financial settlement.

Expert witness for Collectors Universe in $10 Million lawsuit William Miller vs. Collectors Universe. Case adjudicated favorably leaving plaintiff owing defendant.

A partial list of Mr. Reznikoff’s expert witness assignments include:

2011 - 2012 - Badsteubner v. Toyota, Deposition. Case settled favorably

2011 - Sterpka v. Collectors Universe - Witness for Defense, Deposition. Case settled in favor of Defendant

2010 - 2011 - Estate of Arthur Devack - Court Testimony, adjudicated in favor of Plaintiff

2009 – Walker, Estella, Walker, Earline

Howard Jacobs, Atty., Jacobs, Grudberg et al

2008 – Aguinaldo vs. Warner et al

Mark Henderson, Atty, Wofsey Rosen et al – Deposition & Trial

2008 - Attorney Piper Paul, Bomb Threat

2008 - Trivon Reid – confession, Hartford Police Department

John Cizik, Public Defender, State of Connecticut

2008 - State of Connecticut vs. R. Malito

Margaret Levy, Atty.

2007 – Lazale Ashby – confession, Hartford Police Department

Cynthia Carter Ayers, Public Defender, State of Connecticut

2007 - North Carolina vs. North Carolina Original Copy of Bill of Rights

M. Stratton, Atty., Stratton Faxon

2007 - State of Connecticut vs. Zolkowski

Theodore Koch, Atty., Koch & Koch

2006 – Beckenstein Enterprises vs. D. Smith

Mark Dean, Atty.

2005 – Kavy – handwriting

J. Bourn, Atty, Jon L. Schoenhorn & Associates

2005 - Jacobs et al vs. Rafile

Howard Jacobs, Atty., Jacobs Grudberg et al

2005 - Rodriguez vs. Rodriguez

Howard Jacobs, Atty., Jacobs Grudberg et al

2005 - Collectors Universe vs. Miller

Keith Attlesey, Atty., Attlesey & Thomlinson - Deposition

Previous notable cases:

1998 – Pritchard vs. (General George) Pickett – Deposition & Trial

1997 – Richard Nixon vs. United States - Deposition