Ernest Hemingway's Typewriter - Ultra Rare Relic For Sale

Appraisals and Authentication

There is Babe Ruth's 60th home run bat...Sitting Bull's bow and arrow. Jack Kerouac's manuscript for " On the Road "...which itself recently sold for over $1,000,000. This is Hemingway's equivalent. This typewriter was the source of some of the greatest pieces in American literary history. The typewriter, a Halda, was made in Sweden and is in excellent condition with the ribbon and keys intact. It is fully functional, in its original leather case with somewhat tattered transportation stickers from both the American Export Line and the French Line. Both have crucial identification in another hand signed " Hemingway ", which have been somewhat affected by the current condition of the tags. Preliminary research indicates that he was indeed on both lines. However, more important is the provenance of this particular typewriter. The typewriter was obtained from famed author A. E. Hotchner who wrote the definitive biography of Hemingway, " Papa ". Hotchner obtained the typewriter from the heirs of well-known Hemingway friend Bill Davis, Teo and Nena. Davis maintained a house in Malaga, Spain. Author Hotchner, in a private interview, indicated that he was there with Hemingway in 1958 or 1959 when he was typing portions of " The Dangerous Summer " on this very typewriter. He did visit Bill years before, perhaps even as early as the late 30's, but certainly no later than the 40's. It is certainly quite possible that the works that would later become "A Movable Feast "were also typed on this very machine. Undoubtedly further research will greatly augment the value of the typewriter. What remains is the fact that this is the equivalent of Marilyn Monroe's ' Happy Birthday Mr. President ' dress, or the Maltese Falcon; this is, after all, " the stuff that dreams are made of ". The case for the typewriter is worn, but no more than would be expected of a case that was used in travel.