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Vol.5, Iss. 11: Happy Independence Day






Happy Independence Day

Sweet Victory! Our hard-fought battle for independence from Great Britain was won at great cost, but thanks to our brave military and to the brilliant system of government forged by our earliest representatives – those for whom Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness were self-evident truths – the freedoms so desired by the Colonists are still ours to enjoy today. Happy 238th Birthday, America! Purchase any of these documents by July 3, 2014, and receive a 10% discount.


Name Declaration of Independence
ID# 58031
Headline Celebration of the Fourth of July!  
Date 1801, 1803 Price
Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $1,000.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 52942
Headline A manuscript rarity - an authentic Revolutionary War document dated July 4, 1776.  
Date July 4, 1776 Price
Place Ringwood NJ $5,000.00

Name Declaration of Independence ID# 57774
Headline Rare Force engraving of the Declaration of Independence printed in 1848.  
Date 1848 Price
Place n.p. $48,000.00

Name John Armstrong Jr ID# 55489
Headline Early John Armstrong, Jr. signed Revolutionary War-dated document appointing an officer in the state militia – thirty years later, he was Madison’s Secretary of War in the War of 1812  
Date May 1, 1783 Price
Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $500.00


Name Minutemen ID# 54666
Headline Massachusetts Militia Pay Petition Listing 27 Minutemen Who Responded to the Lexington Alarm  
Date December 30, 1775 Price
Place Dorchester, MA $8,500.00

Name Revolutionary War
ID# 58086
Headline Only three months before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Loyalist Daniel Leonard, responds to John Adams, arguing for the authority of Parliament over the colonies: part of the famous Novanglus-Massachusettensis letters  
Date January 9 - 16, 1775 Price
Place Boston, Massachusetts $3,200.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 40835
Headline Beautifully printed Colonial Insurance Document assuring protection against "Seas, Men of War, Fires, Enemies, Pirates, Rovers, Theives, Jettisons...and all other Perils, Losses and Misfortunes...." for a ship captained by William Wyer, later a prisoner in the notorious British prison ship "Old Jersey"  
Date April 26, 1774 Price
Place Philadelphia $750.00

Name Revolutionary War
Weapons / Ammunition
ID# 56809
Headline Magnificent Patriotic Display! Complete Set of ten Bicentennial Era Knives from the 1773 Boston Tea Party to General Washington’s triumphant Return to New York in 1783  
Date 1974-1976 Price
Place USA $7,000.00


Name Declaration of Independence ID# 52874
Headline Centennial tapestry representation of John Trumbull's famous painting of the signing of the Declaration, with key to the portraits and facsimile signatures of the Signers.  
Date 1876 Price
Place n.p. $16,000.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 54837
Headline An account of guns belonging to Bunker Hill veterans.  
Date April 4, 1776 Price
Place n.p. $1,850.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 39762
Headline A British officer writes to George Washington proposing a secret plan to meet and negotiate a prisoner exchange.  
Date December 8, 1778 Price
Place Cambridge $10,000.00


Name Revolutionary War ID# 56443
Headline 1776 Revolutionary War inventory of equipment given to Captains in the Continental Army  
Date March 19, [1776] Price
Place n.p. $800.00


Name U.S. Congress ID# 52987
Headline A scarce 1st Edition printing of the official daily record of the First Session of Congress, in which Washington was elected the nation's first President and crucial Constitutional amendments were debated, along with other vital matters at hand.  
Date 1789 Price
Place [Philadelphia] $12,000.00


Name Samuel Huntington
Revolutionary War
ID# 51156
Headline Signer of the Declaration of Independence and the immediate past President of the United States in Congress Assembled congratulates the French Foreign Minister on “the Important Glorious success of our Combined Forces on the compleat capture of Ld Cornwallis and all his Army” – three weeks earlier, Lord Cornwallis had surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown effectively ending the Revolutionary War.  
Date November 7, 1781 Price
Place Norwich, Connecticut $8,500.00


Name Declaration of Independence ID# 52944
Headline Woodruff's 1819 tabloid-size lithographic broadside of the Declaration of Independence with portraits of Washington, Adams and Jefferson and the armorial bearings of the 13 original states. Exquisite!  
Date February 1819 Price
Place Philadelphia $20,000.00


Name Thomas Pownall
Revolutionary War
ID# 39763
Headline Colonial governor of Massachusetts Thomas Pownall lauds the American cause in 1769  
Date June 26, 1769 Price
Place London $7,500.00


Name Revolutionary War
ID# 58085
Headline The first account of the public reading of the "Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms" before the Continental Army before Boston  
Date July 13 - 21, 1775 Price
Place Cambridge, Massachusetts $4,000.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 55448
Headline An interesting receipt for a gun intended for a member of Luke Drury’s company in Jonathan Ward’s Regiment who were active in and around the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775.  
Date June 2, 1775 Price
Place [Cambridge, MA] $650.00


Name Revolutionary War ID# 54669
Headline Revolutionary War account of "Tools deliver'd" to defend New York, 1776  
Date March 26 - April 2, 1776 Price
Place New York, NY $4,000.00


Name Revolutionary War ID# 58083
Headline The first front page printing of the Olive Branch Petition in Massachusetts (and the first report in Boston), as well as an early appearance of Lord Dartmouth's official report on the Battles of Lexington and Concord  
Date August 24 - 31, 1775 Price
Place Cambridge, Massachusetts $18,500.00

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