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Vol.3,Iss.1:Out with the OLD, in with the NEW at University Archives


Out with the OLD, in with the NEW at University Archives

Now that the old year is part of history, we can focus on the New Year. We have been very busy buying new items for our valued customers. It is our goal to purchase a wide variety of historic items in many categories and price ranges. To celebrate the New Year, we are offering new items, followed by some older ones that you may have seen in the past, but we have marked them down by 20% off the current list price.

We strive to bring you the best of the best. In this time of volatile markets, the investment in historic ephemera will retain its value and give you something to admire. We will continue to strive to find unique pieces to round out your collection or to get you started in the right direction. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to help.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Please visit the University Archives website to access our inventory, with over 20,000 items available for purchase.


Name The Beatles ID# 54544
Headline Incredibly rare signed portraits of all four Beatles on a 1963 Beatles Song Album - Possibly unique. Certified by Caiazzo & Epperson.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $11,000.00

Name [Abraham Lincoln]
Gerrit Smith
ID# 54545
Headline Ellsworth's Avengers, the Civil War regiment named in honor of Lincoln's friend, the first Union officer to be killed in the Civil War, and the sale of Lincoln's original draft of the Emancipation Proclamation: two important ALsS by abolitionist Gerrit Smith.  
Date 1861,1864 Price
Place Peterboro, New York $4,500.00

Name George S. Patton Sr. ID# 54563
Headline A large and significant archive of letters from George S. Patton Sr., Confederate officer and grandfather of General George S. Patton Jr. Including lengthy, detailed letters chronicling the 1863 Jones-Imboden raid on West Virginia, "The Confederate flag has been carried where it never floated before, great damage has been done to an important avenue of the enemy's communication..."  
Date 1851-1892 Price
Place Various $22,000.00



Name George S. Patton Jr. ID# 53757
Headline Promoted to Cadet Adjutant and living in his new residence at West Point, Patton writes his father, "I am it. And writing at a desk in the room to which four years ago I looked with a sort of religious reverence."  
Date February 16/17, 1909 Price
Place West Point, New York $3,000.00


Name Muhammad Ali ID# 54552
Headline Arguably the most famous sports photograph of all time - signed by Muhammad Ali!  
Date 2008? Price
Place n.p. $1,750.00


Name Muhammad Ali ID# 54547
Headline Superb photograph taken a year before the Clay-Liston fight boldly signed by Ali the year he retired as World Heavyweight Champion.  
Date 1979 Price
Place n.p. $850.00

Name Charles A. Lindbergh ID# 54528
Headline Huge Signed Photograph taken during Lindbergh's weekend of boating and picnicking in Canada during his 1927 nationwide tour following his transatlantic flight to Paris.  
Date [September 28, 1927] Price
Place [Weald, Kent, England] $1,500.00

Name Charles A. Lindbergh ID# 53934
Headline "Spirit of St. Louis" fabric accompanied by a studio photograph taken in Paris, signed by Lindbergh on his last day in the French capital as he prepared to return home to America after his historic transatlantic flight.  
Date June 3, 1927 Price
Place [Paris, France] $18,000.00



Name Alexander Graham Bell ID# 54582
Headline Magnificent Display! Alexander Graham Bell signed letter encased in a specially created antique wall phone presentation.  
Date July 31, 1917 Price
Place Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada $5,900.00


Name Edgar Rice Burroughs ID# 54531
Headline War dated, twice-signed letter by Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, serving as a war correspondent describing life aboard a Navy ship, "Somewhere in the Pacific," in 1945.  
Date May 27, 1945 Price
Place U.S.S. Cahaba, Pacific Ocean $1,500.00

Name [Duchess of Windsor] ID# 54580
Headline On December 11, 1936, in a radio address, King Edward VIII announced that he had abdicated the throne, after finding "it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love" - these gloves were owned and worn by that woman, Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, whom he married six months later.  
Date c. 1945-1965 Price
Place n.p. $4,000.00



Name Harry S. Truman ID# 54537
Headline Truman and the Marshall Plan. A Presidential TLS and ANS on "the report submitted by the Paris Conference on European Economic Recovery."  
Date October 30, 1947 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $2,500.00



Name Harry S. Truman ID# 52602
Headline "The Allied armies, through sacrifice and devotion and with God's help, have wrung from Germany a final and unconditional surrender . The victory won in the West must now be won in the East. The whole world must be cleansed of the evil from which half the world has been freed."  
Date May 8, 1945 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $25,000.00



Name Princess Diana of Wales ID# 54565
Headline A handwritten thank you from Diana.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,500.00



Name David Ben-Gurion ID# 54568
Headline Ben-Gurion ALS with excellent content.  
Date March 10, 1966 Price
Place Tiberias, Israel $1,200.00




Name Judaica ID# 50531
Headline Original uniform with David Ben-Gurion association, worn in the 1948 War of Independence by an officer in Israel's first army, IDF/Zahal.  
Date c.1948 Price
Place Israel $25,000.00



Name Robert Frost ID# 54534
Headline First Edition of his last Pulitzer Prize winning book of poetry, "A Witness Tree," presented to a Harvard senior "as a reward for getting A."  
Date May 1942 Price
Place Harvard [Cambridge, MA] $650.00


Name Robert Baden-Powell ID# 54561
Headline Boy Scout Founder, Robert Baden-Powell, invites a professor to run for election to the Scouts Council, "...[to] put you in a position to give us suggestions as they may occur to you and...enable us from time to time to ask your advice when occasion arises."  
Date December 16, 1932 Price
Place London, England $900.00


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