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Vol.2, Iss.19: Gifts for Special Interests


Gifts for Special Interests

As the holidays approach, we thought we might help you find a special gift for those with specific interests. Instead of buying the usual, consider instead something unique, something that will likely appreciate in value over time, and something that has a place in history. We have selected just a few of the thousands of items available for purchase on our website, www.universityarchives.com. Please give us a call at 1-800-237-5692 or email sandie@universityarchives.com and we will be happy to help you select the perfect gift. We offer expedited shipping within the continental United States at no charge with any purchase from our newsletter or inventory.

Currently we are listing some of our premier items on eBay with Buy It Now and Best Offer to view, click HERE.

For very interesting, but lower valued items, we have entrusted the assistance of Herman Darvick to list these items starting at $9.99, click HERE.

Please visit the University Archives website to access our inventory, with over 20,000 items available for purchase.

                    For the Physician/Scientist:

Name Benjamin Rush ID# 54146
Headline Signer Dr. Benjamin Rush's twice signed bill for medicine and house calls to a young lady in Philadelphia.  
Date 1796-1797 Price
Place [Philadelphia] $4,750.00

Name Cotton Tufts ID# 54023
Headline Dr. Cotton Tufts, a founder and soon-to-be President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, requests Dr. Draper of Dedham to inform him of the next meeting of his "Association of Physicians" as he desires "to do whatever lays in my Power to encourage every laudable Effort for the advancement of medical knowledge."  
Date October 26, 1785 Price
Place Weymouth, MA $1,500.00

Name Arthur St. Clair ID# 32691
Headline April 1776, three months before his appointment to Brigadier General, Arthur St. Clair signs a receipt for expenses incurred for medical care of soldiers in the Revolution, including one woman "belonging to said company."  
Date April 20, 1776 Price
Place [Hackensack] $2,400.00

                    For the Scientist:


Name Joseph Lister ID# 52786
Headline Baron Lister tells lawyer Henry Lucas, who had married into the Montefiore/Rothschild family, that he would attend "the interesting ceremonial on June 21st."  
Date May 25, 1898 Price
Place [London, England] $900.00


Name Albert Schweitzer ID# 52421
Headline Superb 1892 family portrait of 17-year-old Albert, his parents, three sisters, brother, and dog, signed by Schweitzer who has identified everyone in the photograph. - this image was taken to be sent to his mother's American cousin, Eugene V. Debs!  
Date May 22, 1949 Price
Place n.p. $2,000.00

               For the Doctor:


Name John Staige Davis ID# 53537
Headline The first surgeon to devote his entire practice to plastic surgery writes about the healing of a skin graft - known today as the "Davis graft."  
Date [1900-1909] Price
Place Baltimore, Maryland $1,200.00

Name War of 1812 ID# 52509
Headline War of 1812 medical supply broadside.  
Date [ca. 1811] Price
Place n.p. $650.00
               For the Inventor:

Name Thomas Alva Edison ID# 53480
Headline Superb signed Thomas Edison photograph seated in his Chemistry Laboratory.  
Date 1920s Price
Place [West Orange, New Jersey] $5,000.00



Name Trains ID# 52318
Headline Matthias W. Baldwin, builder of Pennsylvania's first locomotive, is granted a patent for an improvement in engines "connecting the piston rod with the pistons of steam Cylinders."  
Date December 17, 1840 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $900.00


Name Public Transportation ID# 52255
Headline Attractive patent for improvement in streetcar wheels to prevent mud from "causing friction and great wear to the journals".  
Date March 6, 1877 Price
Place City of Washington $600.00

Name Billiards and Pool ID# 52234
Headline Patent for an early pool table ball-return device.  
Date August 13, 1889 Price
Place City of Washington $900.00

               For the Bibliophile:


Name Ian Fleming ID# 53375
Headline For Her Eyes Only, From Ian, with Love. A remarkable collection including eight love letters from the creator of James Bond 007 to his Austrian girlfriend, written in 1934/1935.  
Date 1934/1935 Price
Place London, England $23,000.00



Name Samuel L. Clemens ID# 53367
Headline Framed Display of Mark Twain's signature and a large superb photograph of the author seated in his writing arm chair!  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,500.00



Name Walt Whitman ID# 52603
Headline Whitman signed photograph removed from the frontispiece of "Two Rivulets," his 1876 volume of prose and verse, originally published with "Leaves of Grass" as part of a two volume Centennial Edition.  
Date 1880 Price
Place n.p. $3,600.00



Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 52948
Headline Fantastic Teddy Roosevelt hand-written manuscript, tipped into a copy of his book The Winning of the West. Roosevelt attacks Jefferson and Madison for their lack of foresight regarding the burning of Washington DC by the British during the War of 1812: "...the cowardly infamy of which Jefferson and Madison...were guilty in not making ready...to protect their capitol...".  
Date 1899/1900 Price
Place n.p. $15,000.00

              To Build Your Child's Collection:




Name Charles Schulz ID# 52767
Headline Rare uninscribed signed drawing of Snoopy in "Home is on Top of a Dog House," the first all-Snoopy book and debut of the erratically flying bird which was named Woodstock four years later  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $2,400.00



Name Charles Dickens ID# 54015
Headline Beautiful ALS portion of Charles Dickens, signed with his initials "CD".  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $900.00



Name Maurice Sendak ID# 54306
Headline Emil, the Wild Thing! Original signed pencil sketch from "Where the Wild Things Are"  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00

                   For the Lover of the Arts or the Artist:



Name Trapp Family ID# 54020
Headline "The Sound of Music" Trapp Family singers signed program of a Vermont musical festival in their honor.  
Date 1965 Price
Place Stowe Vermont $1,300.00



Name Frank Lloyd Wright ID# 52764
Headline Original Blueprint of the National Historic Landmark "Fallingwater," named by the American Institute of Architects in 1991 as the "best all-time work of American architecture" accompanied by a Frank Lloyd Wright Autograph Document Signed.  
Date July 16, 1953 Price
Place Spring Green, Wisconsin $20,000.00



Name Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet ID# 52795
Headline Signed 12-word handwritten note penned on Massenet's calling card, imprinted with his "change of address" to an apartment overlooking the Luxembourg Gardens.  
Date 1903/1904 Price
Place [Paris] $400.00



Name Alvin Ailey
Robert Joffrey
ID# 53911
Headline Letter of thanks for contributions made to the National Corporate Fund for Dance signed by the artistic directors of its constituent companies including Alvin Ailey and Robert Joffrey.  
Date December 31, 1978 Price
Place New York, New York $675.00



Name [Edgar Rice Burroughs] ID# 54252
Headline Tarzan illustrator and son of the author, John Coleman Burroughs, archive including original artwork.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $2,500.00

              For HIs or Her Royal Highness:



Name King George VI of England ID# 51412
Headline Fabulous and ornate letter of state signed by King George VI whose struggles were depicted in the Oscar Award winning movie "The King's Speech" on his coronation after the abdication of King Edward VIII.  
Date June 11, 1937 Price
Place England $7,500.00




Name Princess Diana of Wales ID# 54005
Headline Princess Diana's revised greeting to those who would be present at the August 6, 1996, dedication of the Mont Pincon War Memorial in France, "so typical of the warm friendship which the people of Normandy have demonstrated towards the British forces since 1944. It is fitting that their suffering during the Liberation of France should also be marked at the site of the Memorial..." Her original greeting composed in June was written as "Colonel-in-Chief of The Light Dragoons" - she had to rescind this honor as part of her divorce agreement announced three weeks later, so she revised the first line.  
Date July, 1996 Price
Place Kensington Palace $3,250.00

                    For Collectors of Judaica:



Name David Ben-Gurion ID# 52963
Headline A Life in Letters: a signed photograph, 9 Autograph Letters Signed, 18 Typed Letters Signed, all with exceptional content, signed 1920s Histadrut Teachers' Union Membership Registrar, and 1948 Independence issues of "Ha'aretz" and "The Palestine Post."  
Date 1920s - 1972 Price
Place Palestine / Israel $48,000.00



Name Judaica ID# 50202
Headline Just months after independence, Israel organizes its government  
Date July 21, 1948 Price
Place Israel $1,200.00



Name Judaica ID# 39127
Headline Pair of rare documents of American Judaica - Greetings for a Jewish New Year with an extremely attractive color broadside  
Date c. 1910 Price
Place Israel $1,100.00



Name Judaica ID# 50499
Headline Stunning Ketubbot Marriage Contracts in English and original Aramaic text.  
Date 1915 Price
Place New York $500.00

                    For Presidential fans:



Name George Washington ID# 53382
Headline Arguably one of the best Revolutionary War Washington fully handwritten letters extant, signed twice! To Signer of the Declaration of Independence Robert Morris: "In a struggle like ours - perplexed with embarrassments - if it should be my fortune to conduct the Military helm in such a manner as to merit the approbation of good men and my suffering fellow Citizens it will be the primary happiness of my life because it is the first & great object of my wishes..."  
Date June 20, 1780 Price
Place Springfield, [New Jersey] $98,000.00



Name John Quincy Adams ID# 52199
Headline "The Clay-Masons so called for the mere pleasure of defeating the Anti-Masons, hitched themselves like Mules to the Car of the Regency ... a compromise has been offered them ... Granger for Governor, and a Clay-Mason electoral ticket - Perhaps this may be accepted - But the Masonic Newspapers which support Mr Clay are as virulent as ever against Anti-Masons ... There will soon be a great splitting up of Parties in this Country..."  
Date February 2, 1831 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $9,500.00



Name Ulysses S. Grant ID# 54405
Headline Signed by General Grant four months after Lee's surrender, as president of a Soldiers Monument Association named in honor of a soldier mortally wounded in 1811 at the Battle of Tippecanoe.  
Date August 28, 1865 Price
Place Galena, Illinois $2,200.00



Name Ronald Reagan ID# 52308
Headline Photo ID'd Signed Ronald Reagan Dixon Cowboy Hat!  
Date [October 13, 1989] Price
Place [Los Angeles, California] $2,500.00



Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 53545
Headline At the height of World War II, as Paris is being liberated, President Roosevelt sends thanks for a relic from a battleship.  
Date August 19, 1944 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $1,300.00

                    For your favorite Attorney:



Name Sandra Day O'Connor ID# 54335
Headline Justice O'Connor pens a letter of thanks and affirms, "I do appreciate knowing that our visit was exactly what I assumed it was - unofficial."  
Date n.d. Price
Place Washington, D.C. $600.00


Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 54359
Headline Fabulous signed legal brief of Abraham Lincoln  
Date [September 16, 1852] Price
Place Springfield Illinois $4,500.00



Name Supreme Court ID# 53836
Headline Incredible archive of items with signatures of forty-two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, including several scarcer Justices, a really great find for collectors.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $5,000.00

               For the Military Buff:



Name Harry S. Truman
World War I
ID# 53109
Headline Amazing World War I Military Scrapbook with vintage photographs, authentic battle maps, and memorabilia collected by Captain of Field Artillery and Later Harry Truman's Secretary of the Treasury, John Snyder. One vintage military photograph signed by Truman.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $25,000.00



Name D-Day
World War II
ID# 54222
Headline A rare set of a dozen maps and 30 pages of intelligence reports issued for the use of officers to land on Omaha Beach.  
Date May-July 1944 Price
Place n.p. $22,500.00



Name Douglas MacArthur ID# 51647
Headline General MacArthur evokes his promise to "return to the Philippines" in a 1945 letter to the father of a soldier who survived the 61-mile Bataan Death March but died of malaria as a prisoner of war just weeks later.  
Date 1941-1945 Price
Place Various $15,000.00



Name [George S. Patton Jr.]
World War II
ID# 54224
Headline An important set of documents relative to the opening day of the last major German offensive of the Second World War, The Battle of the Bulge and the Von Rundstet Offensive, being a set of four "SECRET" reports, 26 pages, issued by for George S. Patton's Third Army on 17 December, 1944.  
Date [1944] Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00



Name Harry S. Truman ID# 53157
Headline Truman is "to attend the launching of the Battleship MISSOURI" -it would be the site of the Japanese surrender, ending World War II.  
Date January 15, 1944 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $750.00



Name World War II ID# 53885
Headline Army Military Police Jacket.  
Date 1944-1945 Price
Place n.p. $750.00

               For the Pilot/Aviationist/Space Collector:



Name Alexander Graham Bell ID# 54328
Headline Alexander Graham Bell Tetrahedral Kite Archive  
Date 1898-1907 Price
Place Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia $250,000.00



Name Amelia Earhart ID# 50517
Headline Recordsetting aircraft relic from the Lockheed Vega 5B piloted by Amelia Earhart when she became the first woman to make both transatlantic and transcontinental nonstop solo flights.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $4,000.00



Name [Wright Brothers] ID# 33427
Headline Wonderful piece of ephemera from the Wright Brothers. Fabulous print with Wright Ex "Vin Fiz" affixed to an amazing Wright Brothers print.  
Date Cir. 1911 Price
Place n.p. $750.00



Name Mercury Astronauts ID# 54301
Headline Signed by all 7 Project Mercury Astronauts, America's Original Space Pioneers.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $5,900.00



Name Neil Armstrong ID# 51553
Headline Report of Neil Armstrong's December 23, 1957 test flight of the Lockheed F-104A Starfighter #734 -- 10 original documents including one with handwritten notations by Armstrong!  
Date December 23, 1957 Price
Place Edwards AFB, CA $2,500.00

               For your Sports Fan:



Name [Bruce Lee] ID# 54286
Headline Bruce Lee's Focus Mitts: Pair of copiously photo ID'd - including training with wife Linda and son Brandon - brown leather Focus Mitts owned and used by Bruce Lee.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $80,000.00



Name Football ID# 53216
Headline "The Bare Truth About Chicago's Brashest Bear McMahon!" signed by Jim McMahon  
Date 1986 Price
Place n.p. $100.00



Name Willie Mays
ID# 53090
Headline Large Signed Photograph of "The Catch"  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $425.00



Name Joe Namath
ID# 53957
Headline Amazing Joe Namath signed poster  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $500.00



Name Ty Cobb ID# 50340
Headline The future Hall of Famer writes to a bird-hunting buddy from Detroit about renting a place in Georgia.  
Date January 27, 1916 Price
Place Augusta, Georgia $5,000.00



Name Baseball ID# 53076
Headline Collection of nineteen 3,000 Hit Club Single-Signed Baseballs  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $3,500.00



Name LeRoy Neiman ID# 53551
Headline LeRoy Neiman's artistic view of the World of Golf - first edition signed by him.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,000.00


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