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Talent Abounds!

Entertainment & the Arts are an important part of the American culture. Whether it is in the form of watching movies, attending art exhibits, listening to great music or reading a classic novel, we all partake in some form of arts and entertainment and it enriches our lives along the way. So many talented actors, musicians, artists and authors have made their mark on the world and continue to do so even after their death. Greta Garbo, the Hollywood love goddess of the 1920’s & 30’s, is one of the earliest American actors to grace our movie screens with her tragic roles. Following Greta Garbo, were the stars Katharine Hepburn, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, to name a few. Famous artists like Picasso & Warhol created masterpieces that people all over the world still enjoy today. The music industry heralded in the iconic Beatles in the 1960’s who are still as popular now as they were back then. Authors such as Margaret Mitchell, Harper Lee and Ayn Rand put pen to paper and wrote classic novels, some of which made it to the big screen! All of these gifted individuals make our world a little brighter and continue to captivate and inspire us. We are grateful for the early talents of Greta Garbo who paved the way for other female actors who came after her and we are offering a 10% discount on some of Garbo’s items listed below along with items from other greats from the entertainment & arts genre. Purchase any one of these items by August 24, 2015, to receive this 10% discount.

Name Greta Garbo ID# 59590
Headline Greta Garbo, the financial whiz, manages trust accounts for her brother Sven Gustafson  
Date June 22, 1964 Price
Place New York, New York $2,400.00

Name Margaret Mitchell ID# 59526

Margaret Mitchell writes to a New England bookseller, explaining the origin of her novel, Gone With the Wind, and commenting on its reception outside of the South: "Especially I was interested in your reactions as a New Englander. I did not wish to write a bitter or biased book. I hope it did not sound that way for I hate 'professional Southerners' almost as much as Northerners do. I tried to let the facts stand on their own feet."

Date June 5, 1936 Price
Place Atlanta, Georgia $6,000.00

Name Pablo Picasso ID# 59343

Picasso signs a limited special edition of a Spanish journal dedicated to his art

Date April 1960 Price
Place Madrid $3,500.00

Name [Greta Garbo] ID# 59642
Headline A very rare candid photograph of Greta Garbo during her period of self imposed exile circa 1970  
Date c. 1970 Price
Place [France] $400.00

Name The Wizard of Oz
Margaret Hamilton
ID# 59173
Headline Signed Photograph of Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow and Margaret Hamilton as the WWW, as Scarecrow and Dorothy stroll down the Yellow Brick Road while Wicked Witch of the West hides behind a tree  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $2,000.00

Name Marilyn Monroe
Edgar Bergen
ID# 58781
Headline Marilyn Monroe signs a contract an unprecedented eleven times for an appearance with the equally beloved Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy. A rider in the contract is specifically aimed at keeping the sexually charged starlet in check, and preventing her from doing anything that might  "insult or offend the community or public morals or decency"  
Date October 7, 1952 Price
Place Los Angeles, California $18,000.00

Name Andy Warhol ID# 58690
Headline Signed “Blue Liz as Cleopatra” print from an Andy Warhol German exhibition book  
Date [June 5, 1979] Price
Place n.p. $4,000.00

Name Katharine Hepburn ID# 57635
Headline Katharine Hepburn writes a letter while filming "The Trojan Women", great film-making content.  
Date October 15, (1970) Price
Place [Spain] $1,500.00

Name The Beatles ID# 55853
Headline All You Need Is Paul…  
Date [March 26, 1963] Price
Place [Mansfield, England] $5,000.00

Name Greta Garbo ID# 58828
Headline Garbo’s Date Book for 1989 – her last  
Date 1989 Price
Place n.p. $4,500.00


Name Margaret Mitchell ID# 59523


A signed first edition, first issue copy of Margaret Mitchell's, Gone With the Wind, distributed for advance review to a New Bedford, Massachusetts bookseller

Date [March 1936] Price
Place [Atlanta] $4,900.00

Name Woody Guthrie ID# 53179
Headline Eighteen page handwritten letter, signed three times, to his intimate friend revealing a devastating past, his love for his wife and the rationalization of his feelings for both women.  
Date December 18, 1945 Price
Place Las Vegas, Nevada $15,000.00

Name Marilyn Monroe ID# 58783
Headline Marilyn Monroe boldly signs an attractive early contract for her appearance in a movie  
Date January 5, 1950 Price
Place [Beverly Hills, California] $9,500.00

Name Robert Frost ID# 59324
Headline Robert Frost Signed Portrait  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $2,000.00

Name Elia Kazan ID# 54622
Headline Elia Kazan begins his career as a film Director with 20th Century Fox  
Date March 3, 1944 Price
Place Beverly Hills, California $600.00

Name [Greta Garbo] ID# 59668
Headline Greta Garbo's personally-owned fancy Cartier clock with monogrammed initials "G.G."  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $5,750.00


Name Ayn Rand ID# 56766
Headline Signed twice! Ayn Rand agrees to be on a television talk show to discuss “The Modern Man” with Erich Fromm and Ashley Montagu  
Date September 23, 1964 Price
Place New York $1,800.00

Name Grace Kelly ID# 57567
Headline A very upset Princess Grace writes her MGM agent “Like a fool … I signed this note which will give Gant Gaither permission to write what ever he likes … He sent me the galleys. I nearly collapsed when I saw the cover. The Story of Grace Kelly. I just couldn’t believe it … I found the whole thing so unbearably personal and in bad taste…”  
Date Thursday, [Aug 29/Sep 1957] Price
Place [Switzerland] $3,000.00

Name Paul Newman ID# 57264
Headline Paul Newman & A. E. Hotchner signed book “Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good”  
Date 2003 Price
Place n.p. $450.00

Name Greta Garbo ID# 59646
Headline Greta Garbo issues a check to pay her phone bill  
Date January 10, 1966 Price
Place New York City $2,000.00

Name Judy Garland ID# 54197
Headline To help pay back taxes for which she had been arrested four days earlier, Judy Garland borrows $7,500 from a jeweler, giving him gold and diamond bracelets, earrings, and a pearl ring as collateral, the same jewelry she had used to post bond.  
Date April 8, 1958 Price
Place New York, New York $2,900.00

Name Harper Lee ID# 58825
Headline Fully signed rare ALS of Harper Lee: after she “expressed my disgust at the gouging going on at the E-Bay website” for signed copies of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” a local merchant offered “a signed book for list price …” – after signing “between 9 & 10 thousand copies … I swore I’d never sign another book again, and I shan’t …”  
Date February 2, 2000 Price
Place Monroeville, Alabama $6,500.00

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