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Civil War Notables

The sesquicentennial (150 years) of Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox and Abraham Lincoln's assassination will both take place this April. It will also be 154 years since the attack on Fort Sumter ignited the war in April 1861. Participants on both sides of the Civil War are remembered for their military acumen, their victories, and in some cases their stunning losses, regardless of the side for which they fought.  Purchase any of these documents before the April sesquicentennial (by March 31) and receive a 10% discount.


Name [David G. Farragut]
Civil War
ID# 58246
Headline “Damn the torpedoes!” Historically important signal orders, recorded by Signal Officer Lieut. John C. Kinney, between Admiral Farragut and Captain Alden during the Battle of Mobile Bay – certified by Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles!  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $19,500.00

Name Gettysburg
Civil War
ID# 56960
Headline Printed map of Gettysburg battlefield from July of 1863.  
Date July 1863 Price
Place Gettysburg PA $1,500.00

Name Clara Barton ID# 58531
Headline A superb letter from Clara Barton soon after the close of the Civil War, writing on the legal and political troubles of her former patron, General Benjamin Butler, as she attends to the defense of Dorence Atwater, who had been charged with "stealing" the list he compiled of Union P.O.W.s who perished at Andersonville  
Date September 12, 1865 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $2,400.00

Name William T. Sherman ID# 55758
Headline Gen. Sherman’s pass for two officers, one Confederate, the day he sent Maj. Hitchcock by rail and steamer to Washington with Johnston’s signed surrender–perhaps to accompany Hitchcock on the train  
Date April 19, 1865 Price
Place Raleigh, [North Carolina] $4,500.00

Name George A. Custer ID# 56680
Headline Incorporating “Genl Custer” addressing a Third Division Cavalry envelope, General George Armstrong Custer writes to his wife from Virginia just days before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox  
Date April 1865 Price
Place [Virginia] $1,800.00

Name Ulysses S. Grant ID# 56944
Headline Gen. Grant orders Gen. Burnside to take from the train station to his headquarters, Congressman Ashley, who seven months earlier had introduced the bill which became the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery – word gets back to Grant that upon his return to Washington two days later, Ashley confidentially told friends that Meade is universally disliked by officers and many high ranking officers favor McClellan over Lincoln in the November election  
Date July 11, 1864 Price
Place City Point, [Virginia] $6,750.00

Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 52010
Headline Less than six years after he successfully sued the Illinois Central as a lawyer, President Lincoln faces another problem, vital for the transportation of troops, telling his Secretary of War, “If I had the leisure which I have not, I believe I could settle it...”  
Date May 23, 1863 Price
Place Executive Mansion, Washington $95,000.00

Name [Robert Anderson]
Civil War
ID# 59089
Headline A rare pass to witness the flag raising at Fort Sumter, April 14, 1865, the day of Lincoln's assassination, issued to journalist Henry Jacob Winser of the New York Times  
Date March 30, 1865 Price
Place Washington $3,200.00


Name Henry W. Halleck ID# 50338
Headline Major General Hurlbut is denied a request for passes because "...the military authorities cannot sanction the project set forth in your letter...in regard to trade in cotton..."  
Date November 30, 1863 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $400.00


Name [Jefferson Davis] ID# 51444
Headline General Nelson A. Miles, in command of Fort Monroe, reports that“the prisoner ‘Davis’ is feeling quite comfortable this morning ... I do not think it possible for him to escape, even if the sentinels are taken out of the front room, he will still be under two locks, aside from the Guard in front of his cell.”  
Date August 22, 1865 Price
Place Fort Monroe, Virginia $4,500.00

Name [Abraham Lincoln] ID# 59074
Headline Two days after Lee's surrender at Appomattox, Lincoln issues his final Presidential proclamations before his assassination three days later, acknowledging the end of the Civil War signaled by the cessation of blockades of southern ports and the resumption of federal authority over international commerce in the South.  
Date April 11, 1865 Price
Place Washington $12,500.00

Name Pierre G. T. Beauregard ID# 39893
Headline Portion of a statement by Confederate spy Thomas Jordan on General Johnston's actions at the Battle of Shiloh, docketed by P.G.T. Beauregard  
Date October 10, 1877 Price
Place no place $900.00

Name Robert E. Lee ID# 58791
Headline As Superintendent of West Point, Robert E. Lee signs the discharge papers of German-born Army Private Adam Straley who had enlisted for and completed five years service  
Date April 11, 1854 Price
Place West Point, New York $6,000.00

Name Civil War
ID# 56933
Headline Framed vintage print of Union Camp Brightwood in Washington, D.C., drawn by “deaf mute” artist, and regimental tailor, John Donovan, who has included himself sketching in this artwork  
Date 1861 Price
Place New York City $1,000.00

Name Jubal A. Early ID# 54769
Headline Jubal Early, the former Confederate general, recalls his role in the burning of Chambersburg to magazine editor, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Edward Bok. “I have to inform you that the Town of Chambersburg was burned on the same day in which the demand on it was made by McCausland and refused”  
Date June 1, 1882 Price
Place Lynchburg, VA $5,000.00

Name John Brown ID# 59164
Headline John Brown accepts funds as agent of "National Kansas Committee," signing the document twice only weeks before his Christmas raid into Missouri: monies that were most certainly used to help fund his daring raid on Harper's Ferry less than a year later  
Date December 2, 1858 Price
Place Osawatomie, Kansas $12,000.00


Name Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson ID# 58889
Headline In his first command, Col. Stonewall Jackson writes from Harpers Ferry just three days before he and his brigade evacuated the town as Confederate Gen. Joseph Johnston burned all the bridges on the Potomac under Southern control, including the vital B&O Railroad bridge   
Date June 11, 1861 Price
Place Bolivar [Virginia] $25,000.00

Name George E. Pickett ID# 59065
Headline Rare signature of the Confederate General who led Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg  
Date May 1848 Price
Place n.p. $1,500.00

Name Civil War ID# 39318
Headline Fine example of President Johnson's amnesty oath ~ granting a general pardon to all citizens of the southern states on condition of their taking an oath of loyalty following the rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves  
Date January 8, 1866 Price
Place Arkansas $3,000.00

Name Jefferson Davis ID# 58942
Headline A war date document signed as Confederate President, 1864  
Date June 11, 1864 Price
Place [Richmond] $2,500.00

Name Ulysses S. Grant ID# 58933
Headline An unbelievably large signed photograph of Ulysses Grant, posing in uniform and wearing a mourning ribbon in honor of the martyred Abraham Lincoln. Certainly one of the finest signed images known.  
Date [1865] Price
Place Philadelphia $25,000.00

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