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Vol. 6, Iss. 3: Across the Pond and Beyond






Across the Pond and Beyond

Fame and notoriety know no geographic boundaries. Exceptional people from around the globe have made their mark in small ways and often in very large ways, both good and bad. This week, we offer a variety of items from political leaders, revolutionaries, royalty, heroes, and the gifted from outside the United States - across the pond and beyond, you might say. Purchase any item by March 6, 2015, and receive a 10% discount.


Name Mother Teresa ID# 56566
Headline Photograph of Mother Teresa praying with a typed letter signed on verso to a man in south India thanking him for his gift for the poor and “for your prayers offered for my health. I am much better now…”  
Date July 26, 1997 Price
Place Calcutta, India $1,500.00

Name Yuri Gagarin ID# 52326
Headline Highly important paper on computer aided numerical analysis of flight conditions, with over 50 words, 2 signatures, and 3 scientific illustrations in Gagarin's hand. Ironically written about aircraft which, 2 months after this was written, would cause his demise.  
Date January 24, 1968 Price
Place [Russia] $25,000.00

Name Fulgencio Batista ID# 50070
Headline Official Cuban document signed by Fulgencio Batista as President  
Date November 22, 1957 Price
Place Cuba $600.00

Name Emperor Hirohito of Japan ID# 58457
Headline A rare document, boldly signed by Emperor Hirohito of Japan, awarding the Order of the Sacred Treasure Grand Cross to a Kyoto university professor — awarded in 1936, five years to the day prior to Pearl Harbor  
Date [December 7, 1936] Price
Place [Tokyo] $16,000.00

Name Agatha Christie ID# 58949
Headline Books Agatha Christie enjoyed as a teenager – “All the Sherlock Holmes stories … Practically all of Dickens … Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ … short stories of H.G. Wells … Shakespeare …”  
Date February 19, 1966 Price
Place Wallingford, England $3,000.00

Name Marquis De Lafayette ID# 58487
Headline Lafayette, an agitator for democracy and freedom long after the American and French Revolutions, uses his influence to obtain passports for exiled Spanish officers to enter France en route to Spain in order to fight against the absolutist monarch Ferdinand VII  
Date May 6, 1829 Price
Place Paris, France $1,500.00

Name King Abdullah II of Jordan ID# 58161
Headline Jordan’s King Abdullah II presents a Head of State Gift to a U.S. Congressman and, in two important letters after the death of his father King Hussein, talks about “progress in the Middle East peace process” and acknowledges that “the discussion that we had on the Middle East situation, and the urgent need to resume the peace process with a clear defined outcome was very useful. Rest assured that Jordan will spare no effort to help the United States in leading the way towards a better future for all peoples in the Middle East, one of peace, security, and stability …”   
Date 1999 - 2003 Price
Place Amman, Jordan $10,000.00

Name Nikita Khrushchev ID# 58004
Headline Long Khrushchev letter with Jewish interest -- he and close Stalin aide, Lazar Kaganovich, advise political and Communist Party leaders  
Date October 8, 1947 Price
Place [Kiev, Ukraine] $3,000.00


Name King Albert I of Belgium ID# 34182
Headline Belgian King Albert I writes a letter of state announcing the marriage of Prince Leopold III to Princess Astrid of Sweden. Albert played a crucial role in World War I, and his son Leopold, likewise, in World War II. Queen Astrid died tragically in an automobile accident with Leopold behind the wheel.  
Date November 10, 1926 Price
Place Brussels $2,000.00


Name Princess Diana of Wales ID# 56975
Headline “There were screams of delight from the birthday girl!” Princess Diana thanks fashion designer Bruce Oldfield for her “most beautiful silk shirt … Far too smart to wear for the school run I think!” (driving her seven- and four-year-old sons to school)  
Date July 3, 1989 Price
Place London, England $3,900.00

Name Haiti ID# 39992
Headline Remarkable and irreplaceable group of 29 documents ranging from 1810 to 1985 signed by Presidents and leaders of Haiti from Henry Christophe to "Baby Doc" Duvalier (just prior to being deposed). An extremely rare archive relating to the complicated and often violent history of the first independent black republic, and the only nation ever to form a successful slave revolt  
Date 1810-1985 Price
Place Haiti $10,000.00

Name Leonid Brezhnev ID# 58568
Headline An amazing document tying together three of the most important figures in Soviet history: Brezhnev writes to his mentor, Khrushchev, authorizing a celebration in honor of "I. V. Stalin" (Joseph Stalin's proper Russian name is Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin)  
Date July 21, 1949 Price
Place Kiev $3,250.00

Name William Wordsworth ID# 58260
Headline Displayable letter of Wordsworth, who helped launch the Romantic Age in English literature, signed shortly before Queen Victoria appointed him Poet Laureate  
Date September 9, 1840 Price
Place Rydal, England $1,250.00

Name Antonio Maceo y Grajales ID# 39081
Headline Antonio Maceo autographed letter signed with fine content written days after being forced to leave Cuba for political reasons  
Date June 15, 1878 Price
Place New York $3,000.00

Name David Ben-Gurion ID# 56085
Headline Two Ben-Gurion handwritten letters in English, one expressing his disagreement with Moshe Sharett, most likely regarding the re-investigation of the Lavon affair, the other expressing appreciation for a gift - a book on the History of Zionism  
Date 1964, 1970 Price
Place Sdeh Boker, Israel $4,500.00

Name King Charles II of England ID# 58503
Headline Charles II, in exile in France, appeals for support in Scotland to mount an invasion of England to overthrow Oliver Cromwell,"whereby we may suppresse those wicked rebels, and relieve our good Subjects..."  
Date June 25, 1652 Price
Place Paris $16,000.00


Name R. D. Blackmore ID# 50987
Headline Author of the classic novel, Lorna Doone, pens a letter of thanks to an American friend.  
Date 1883 Price
Place Teddington, England $600.00

Name Kurt Waldheim ID# 40938
Headline Archive of letters and documents between Austrian President Kurt Waldheim and noted collector Jerry Granat regarding Waldheim's activities during WWII  
Date various Price
Place various $1,800.00

Name Napoleon Bonaparte ID# 58940
Headline Six weeks before he would invade Russia, Napoleon refuses the transfer of 2,400 horses to Spain fearing they would not be easily replaceable in Poland  
Date April 30, 1812 Price
Place St. Cloud $3,000.00

Name Benito Mussolini ID# 56653
Headline Benito Mussolini and King Victor Emmanuel III signed promotion of two Navy Captains serving aboard military ships, accomplished the first day of the 1935 League of Nations Naval Disarmament Conference in London  
Date December 9, 1935 Price
Place Rome, Italy $900.00

Name Rene Coty ID# 37345
Headline Rene Coty signs a beautiful Letter of State announcing his election as President.  
Date January 16, 1954 Price
Place Paris $2,000.00

Name Golda Meir ID# 50816
Headline Signed portrait photo of Golda Meir used in Asher Kalderon's design of the 1984 10,000-shekel and 1985 10-shekel bank notes.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $600.00

Name Shimon Peres
King Hussein I of Jordan
ID# 40975
Headline Shimon Peres and King Hussein sign a document contemporaneous to and concerning the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan  
Date October 26 1995 Price
Place Arava $4,800.00

Name King Leopold II of Belgium ID# 34181
Headline King Leopold II of Belgium signs a letter of state announcing the birth of his nephew, Prince Albert, later King Albert I. Leopold was considered one of the most brutal colonial rulers of all time for his policies in the Congo, in contrast to Albert, who spent all of World War I at the head of his army, and led the Allied offensive that recovered the Belgian coast.  
Date April 30, 1875 Price
Place Brussels $2,000.00

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