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Vol. 6, Iss. 1: Resolutions for the New Year






Resolutions for the New Year

Resolutions are commonplace this time of year. The New Year brings with it a determination to accomplish a goal, to once-and-for-all kick a bad habit, the desire to win, to triumph.  In that spirit, we are highlighting documents that act, resolve, or describe the determination of one or many in difficult circumstances, who ultimately triumph  [albeit sometimes only temporarily] as a result. May this bolster our resolve this New Year. Purchase any of the items below by January 23, 2015, and receive a 10% discount:


Name Raoul Wallenberg
ID# 58835
Headline A rare, original "Schutz-Pass" granting a Hungarian Jewish refugee protection and entry into Sweden, signed by Raoul Wallenberg  
Date September 2, 1944 Price
Place Budapest $12,500.00

Name Anthony McAuliffe ID# 58458
Headline Just five months after he said “Nuts!” when asked to surrender to a German officer, Gen. McAuliffe writes that “the Cactus shoulder insignia truly symbolizes the toughness of the 103d Division, and our beaten German enemy can testify to our thorns … I am enclosing a Cactus patch of the 103d …”  
Date May 20, 1945 Price
Place Office of the Commanding General $3,000.00

Name King Abdullah II of Jordan ID# 58161
Headline Jordan’s King Abdullah II presents a Head of State Gift to a U.S. Congressman and, in two important letters after the death of his father King Hussein, talks about “progress in the Middle East peace process” and acknowledges that “the discussion that we had on the Middle East situation, and the urgent need to resume the peace process with a clear defined outcome was very useful. Rest assured that Jordan will spare no effort to help the United States in leading the way towards a better future for all peoples in the Middle East, one of peace, security, and stability …”   
Date 1999 - 2003 Price
Place Amman, Jordan $10,000.00


Name Revolutionary War
ID# 57103
Headline 1776 Pro-American Independence British Newspaper  
Date March 2, 1776 Price
Place [London, England] $1,750.00

Name [John F. Kennedy] ID# 58917
Headline Biuku Gasa, the Solomon Islander who rescued John F. Kennedy and his fellow PT-109 survivors, gives the only contemporary (and likely the first) lengthy account of the events of August 1943  
Date c. 1961 Price
Place [Solomon Islands] $9,500.00

Name Nelson Mandela ID# 58529
Headline Scarce Signed Autobiography of Africa's Icon of Freedom  
Date September 26, 2000 Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00

Name [George Washington] ID# 33514
Headline Pair of wonderful historic documents ordering guns and powder for a salute to start the ceremonies commemorating the new, annual date of the U.S. Congress's opening.  
Date October 24, 1791 Price
Place   $15,500.00

Name Napoleon Bonaparte ID# 58924
Headline An important document in which Napoleon bestows a Corsican estate purchased from his brother-in-law, to Felix Tusoli, who saved his life in June 1793 during the counter-revolution. Shortly after his escape from Corsica, Napoleon succeeded at the Siege of Tulon, was appointed general—beginning his meteoric rise to power.  
Date June 20, 1810 Price
Place Paris $12,500.00


Name Spanish-American War ID# 58646
Headline The American Proclamation to the Philippines: "The supremacy of the United States must and will be enforced throughout every part of the Archipelago, and those who resist it can accomplish no end other than their own ruin."  
Date April 4, 1899 Price
Place Manila, Philippines $2,500.00


Name Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson ID# 58870
Headline A new discovery - a story never before told! Superb content war date letter of Stonewall Jackson, describing in detail how with great honesty he obtained his favorite horse, Little Sorrel - the horse he was fatally shot on and who saw more action, and survived, than any other in the Civil War.  
Date August 1, 1861 Price
Place Fairfax County [Virginia] $33,000.00

Name Lyndon B. Johnson ID# 58823
Headline Only five months before his death, Lyndon Johnson writes on the importance of American space exploration  
Date August 15, 1972 Price
Place Austin, Texas $2,500.00

Name [Winston Churchill]
World War II
ID# 58206
Headline Winston Churchill Corrected Draft Reading Copy for a Radio Speech in 1944. Churchill speaks of the war in Europe and the Pacific – “Mussolini indeed escaped to eat the bread of affliction at Hitler’s table, to shoot his son-in-law, and to help the Germans wreak vengeance upon the Italian masses …”  
Date [March 1944] Price
Place [London] $5,500.00


Name [John Hancock] ID# 57453
Headline Scarce Printing! Speeches of John Hancock alluding to the Declaration of Independence and the new U.S. Constitution and announcing that Congress has passed an act lending the States money to pay the debts they incurred during the Revolutionary War  
Date 1790 Price
Place Boston, Massachusetts $2,800.00


Name Harry S. Truman ID# 58915
Headline Truman leverages his deep knowledge of Presidential history to defend his refusal to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee based on "… precedents commencing with George Washington himself in 1796. Since his day, Presidents Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Polk, Fillmore, Buchanan, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Cleveland,  Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt"  
Date November 11, 1953 Price
Place [Independence, Missouri] $9,000.00



Name Martin Luther King ID# 57192
Headline Original manuscript handwritten by Martin Luther King for his first book, “Stride Toward Freedom” – Over 100 words including “Labor has a great stake in the struggle for civil rights, if only because the forces that are anti Negro are usually anti-labor too…” – with First Edition of “Stride Toward Freedom”  
Date 1957/1958 Price
Place [Montgomery, Alabama] $19,500.00



Name Harry S. Truman
Anthony McAuliffe
ID# 57245
Headline Truman Signed Copy of “Germany Surrenders Unconditionally” documents published by the National Archives – also signed by Gen. Anthony “Nuts” McAuliffe who unveiled the case displaying the German surrender documents!  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $25,000.00


Name Robert E. Peary ID# 55938
Headline Two signed letters! Peary is going to Europe at the invitation of “Geographical Societies, to address them upon my discovery of the North Pole…” and to accept honors and medals which he lists.  
Date June 17, 1910 Price
Place R.M.S. "Mauretania" $2,250.00


Name Abraham Lincoln
Salmon P. Chase
ID# 58945
Headline Salmon Chase sends a beautifully signed Abraham Lincoln document while calling for vengeance after the Fort Pillow Massacre: "I trust that the slaughter at Fort Pillow will not be permitted to go unpunished … It would do something towards the prevention of it, if the President would revoke his Amnesty Proclamation and insist upon putting colored soldiers upon the same footing with all the rest-"  
Date September 11, 1863 Price
Place Washington $16,500.00

Name United States Constitution ID# 55834
Headline A scarce volume commemorating the official banquet held for the centennial of the United States Constitution - extra illustrated with a 1789 document in which several officials "solemnly swear" that they would "support the Constitution of the United States"  
Date Sept. 17, 1887 / Oct. 24, 1789 Price
Place Philadelphia / Montgomery County, NY $3,000.00

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