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Vol. 5 Iss.15: Appointments & Promotions






Appointments & Promotions 

Throughout history, those in public or military service usually suffer a more encumbered process for promotion or appointment than those of us in the private sector.  Confirmation committees, political changes, unexpected budget cuts as well as any number of other calamities can derail the best candidates unexpectedly.  In this issue, we celebrate those who attained promotions or appointments, or who were recommended to a position by a person of significant authority - always a door opener! Purchase any of the following documents by November 5, 2014 and receive a 10% discount:


Name James Garfield ID# 58444
Headline A rare document signed by James Garfield as President, appointing a disabled veteran of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg as a postmaster  
Date April 29, 1881 Price
Place Washington, DC $19,000.00

Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 58603
Headline Commodore Matthew C. Perry’s 18-year-old grandson Frederick Rodgers’ appointment as Midshipman in the Navy signed by President Lincoln – Rodgers eventually rose to the rank of Rear Admiral  
Date June 1, 1861 Price
Place Washington, DC $12,500.00

Name John McLean ID# 56849
Headline A piece of southern Connecticut history, John McLean, shortly before his appointment as a Supreme Court Justice, signs a document naming William Sherwood postmaster of Fairfield County, Connecticut.  
Date July 6, 1825 Price
Place Washington DC $350.00


Name Harry S. Truman ID# 55984
Headline Framed Display! Top Truman State Department appointment for Dr. Willard Thorp who, seven months later, helped draft the Marshall Plan  
Date November 12, 1946 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $2,500.00

Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 58266
Headline Theodore Roosevelt recommends an old family friend to work as a spy for Ralph Henry Van Deman, considered "The Father of American Military Intelligence"  
Date August 12, 1917 Price
Place [Oyster Bay, New York] $3,500.00

Name Dwight D. Eisenhower
Atomic Bomb
ID# 58341
Headline President Eisenhower appointment with atomic bomb association   
Date June 27, 1960 Price
Place Washington, DC $2,000.00

Name Millard Fillmore ID# 57728
Headline “I deem it every man’s duty at this time to serve the country as best he can” writes Millard Fillmore in the early months of the Civil War to his late wife’s nephew who is “offering your services as surgeon to some Regiment in the U.S. Army, and requesting of me a letter of recommendation…”  
Date September 21, 1861 Price
Place Buffalo, New York $2,500.00


Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 58397
Headline Roosevelt hopes he will be able to get Grosvenor A. Porter, a cousin of TR’s wife, confirmed by the Senate as U.S. Marshal after Oklahoma becomes a state, advising him, because of a divided territorial Republican party to “let it be known that you are delighted to do what you can for all the heads of the organization, without regard to faction, so long as what they desire you to do is entirely straight …”  
Date July 9, 1906 Price
Place Oyster Bay, New York $1,500.00

Name William Henry Harrison ID# 55856
Headline William Henry Harrison Appoints Future Slavery Compromiser John J. Crittenden as Attorney General, and Antislavery Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story Swears Him In  
Date March 5, 1841 Price
Place Washington, DC $145,000.00

Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 52325
Headline Extremely rare doubly-signed presidential Lincoln ALS & ANS ordering the appointment “at once” of an 1861 Harvard Law School graduate who was wounded at Gaines’ Mill and who personally told the President he “wishes to be a Quarter-Master...”  
Date October 9-10, 1862 Price
Place Washington $44,000.00


Name Harry S. Truman ID# 53555
Headline President Truman appoints his Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder as U.S. Governor of both the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  
Date July 5, 1946 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $3,500.00


Name John Adams ID# 54499
Headline John Adams champions the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812  
Date April 24, 1813 Price
Place Quincy MA $42,500.00


Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 58156
Headline Rare Lincoln appointment as Major of a future General who later witnessed his assassination, was at his deathbed, and, is said to have placed coins on the President’s eyes after he died  
Date July 18, 1862 Price
Place Washington, DC $15,000.00


Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 50514
Headline Extraordinary FDR signed World War II letter to President CarĂ­as Andino of Honduras elevating the status of American diplomatic representation in Honduras from Minister to Ambassador as"...testimony to the especially close relations...in the struggle against the Axis powers and in the defense of this Hemisphere".  
Date April 6, 1943 Price
Place Washington, D. C. $5,000.00


Name Andrew Johnson ID# 57832
Headline Exceedingly Rare and possibly Unique! Andrew Johnson Free Frank as President with presidential Autograph Note Signed concerning an appointment – with Lincoln family association – A suitable replacement for a Presidential ALS  
Date [November 17, 1865] Price
Place [Washington, DC] $3,750.00


Name Dwight D. Eisenhower ID# 30158
Headline Fabulous Ike folio appointment of Bruce Catton as a member of the Civil War Centennial Commission.  
Date December 6, 1957 Price
Place Washington, DC $3,500.00


Name Thomas Jefferson ID# 58265
Headline Jefferson appoints Samuel Woodhouse as Lieutenant in the Navy - a veteran of the Quasi-War with France and the Barbary Wars, Woodhouse saw action in the War of 1812, served aboard the "Constitution," and was later promoted to Master Commandant and Captain  
Date May 4, 1808 Price
Place Washington, DC $13,500.00

Name Harry S. Truman ID# 54737
Headline Truman appoints his Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder as U.S. Governor of the world’s two major financial institutions: the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  
Date June 27, 1951 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $3,250.00


Name Artemas Ward
Revolutionary War
ID# 57210
Headline Major General Artemas Ward Revolutionary War-date appointment of John May, a participant in the Boston Tea Party, as a Captain in the Boston Militia – also signed by 14 other members of the Council of Massachusetts-Bay  
Date October 10, 1778 Price
Place [Boston, Massachusetts] $1,500.00


Name Harry S. Truman ID# 39040
Headline Presidential appointment signed by Harry Truman  
Date July 31, 1952 Price
Place Washington, DC $1,250.00


Name John McLean ID# 57289
Headline Supreme Court Justice John McLean urges Secretary of the Navy Abel Upshur to recommend to President John Tyler the appointment of a Midshipman  
Date April 25, 1842 Price
Place Cincinnati, Ohio $750.00


Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 53634
Headline Lincoln appoints “William T. Otto to perform the duties of the office of Secretary of the Interior.” Signed in full, a very rare document concerning a cabinet-level individual.  
Date March 9, 1863 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $15,000.00

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