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Vol. 5 Iss.13: Downright Rare


Downright Rare

Question: What do a document signed by the jailers who failed to protect Morman Joseph Smith from being hanged by an angry mob, and a Theodore Roosevelt handwritten letter as President have in common? Answer: They are both downright rare, which means it may be difficult to find either one again if you don’t purchase it now.  We have other rare documents and relics, which are available until Friday, August 29, at a 10% discount.


Name Gutzon Borglum
Abraham Lincoln
ID# 58294
Headline Sculptor Gutzon Borglum's plaster cast of Abraham Lincoln for Mount Rushmore with his full signature twice inscribed on the reverse  
Date Early to Mid 1900s Price
Place Various $23,000.00

Name Andrew Jackson ID# 58151
Headline Extremely Rare Andrew Jackson four language Ships Papers for a Whaling Voyage in the Pacific  
Date August 1835 Price
Place Washington, DC $3,250.00

Name Neil Armstrong
Apollo XI Astronauts
ID# 56731
Headline Rare Neil Armstrong Signed Check relating to interest on his pension  
Date June 30, 1987 Price
Place [Cincinnati, Ohio] $13,500.00


Name Sir Francis Bacon ID# 52031
Headline Eight words in Sir Francis Bacon’s hand as Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, docketing a letter to him from the Earl of Suffolk – two years later, Bacon, as Lord High Chancellor, successfully prosecuted Suffolk and his wife for embezzlement, extortion, and fraud.  
Date November 27, 1617 Price
Place [London, England] $5,000.00

Name John F. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy
ID# 58175
Headline Signed less than 48 hours before leaving for Texas, President and Mrs. Kennedy’s 1963/1964 New Years and Hanukkah card – of the utmost rarity – one of only a few signed by both!  
Date [November 19-20, 1963] Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $25,000.00

Name World War II ID# 58213
Headline Rare British RAF officer writes to his mother from Stalag Luft III – “The Great Escape” POW camp   
Date March 9, 1943 Price
Place [Sagan, Poland] $900.00


Name Zachary Taylor ID# 57247
Headline Earliest known Zachary Taylor letter – as 24-year-old Infantry Lieutenant – with rare oval Louisville, Kentucky, postmark – regarding the sale of a horse  
Date April 23, 1809 Price
Place Louisville, KY $4,500.00

Name [Joseph Smith]
ID# 56411
Headline Rare document signed by George W. Stigall, the Carthage Jailer, and Otho Williams, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Carthage Greys who were supposed to protect Joseph and Hyrum Smith who were killed at the jail  
Date April 20, 1839 Price
Place Hancock County, Illinois $1,800.00

Name Aimé Bonpland ID# 57943
Headline Important medical content! In an extremely rare handwritten manuscript from South America, French physician, botanist, and explorer Bonpland tells his friend how to cure syphilis beginning with “1. When the sick man is ready for a thorough cure, he should be ready to forget that women exist; otherwise, taking remedies will be in vain…”  
Date September 17, 1850 Price
Place Montevideo, [Uruguay] $5,750.00


Name Lyndon B. Johnson ID# 51216
Headline Rare Vietnam War content “win peace in Asia” presidential letter.  
Date January 15, 1968 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $2,250.00


Name Yuri Gagarin ID# 52326
Headline Highly important paper on computer aided numerical analysis of flight conditions, with over 50 words, 2 signatures, and 3 scientific illustrations in Gagarin's hand. Ironically written about aircraft which, 2 months after this was written, would cause his demise.  
Date January 24, 1968 Price
Place [Russia] $25,000.00


Name Samuel Chase ID# 52342
Headline Address Leaf in the hand of Signer Samuel Chase to Washington’s Secretary of War James McHenry using the cabinet member’s franking privilege .  
Date September 24, 1796 Price
Place Baltimore, Maryland $1,900.00


Name Joe Shuster
Jerry Siegel
ID# 58306
Headline Joe Shuster's hand drawn improvements on his first sketch of Superman, signed by him and co-creator Jerry Siegel  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $9,500.00


Name Revolutionary War ID# 58279
Headline A rare Revolutionary War treasure! A fragment of the wood from the famous HMS Somerset – the very ship Paul Revere sneaked past on his famous midnight ride.  
Date [1748 - 1778] Price
Place Provincetown, Massachusetts $2,900.00


Name Civil War ID# 58347
Headline Exceptionally rare Civil War relic!  An original brick taken from the Confederacy’s “White House”.  
Date [1818 - 1860] Price
Place Richmond, Virginia $1,250.00

Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 55438
Headline Fabulous Theodore Roosevelt autograph letter signed as President, with Hawaiian content.  
Date [February 18, 1909] Price
Place [Washington, DC] $3,000.00


Name [Walt Disney] ID# 55993
Headline Unique ALS as “Mickey Mouse”  
Date [1933] Price
Place [California] $20,000.00

Name Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán ID# 40875
Headline Extremely rare document signed by Cuban revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos only days before his disappearance  
Date [March 1959] Price
Place [Havana] $1,500.00

Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 52325
Headline Extremely rare doubly-signed presidential Lincoln ALS & ANS ordering the appointment “at once” of an 1861 Harvard Law School graduate who was wounded at Gaines’ Mill and who personally told the President he “wishes to be a Quarter-Master...”  
Date October 9-10, 1862 Price
Place Washington $44,000.00

Name [Charles Brewster Ross]
Pinkerton National Detective Agency
ID# 51570
Headline The father of the first American child kidnapped for ransom pens a response to an inquiry for a picture of his son, “Persons have thought that they could see a likeness in a boy that they found…when really I could see no resemblance whatever… ”. Includes an 1874 Pinkerton Reward Broadside with lithograph illustration of the missing child. Charley Ross was never found.  
Date February 23, 1883 Price
Place Philadelphia, PA $1,000.00

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