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Vol. 5, Iss. 3: Honoring President's Day





Honoring President's Day

President's Day - The first national holiday to celebrate the life of an individual American, George Washington, was signed into law by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1879. The second and only other federal holiday to recognize the life of an individual American is Martin Luther King day, signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. Today, the holiday celebrates not only two Presidents born ten days apart in February (Abraham Lincoln on the 12th and George Washington on the 22nd), but all of our chief executives. In that spirit, we have selected original documents from Presidents Washington and Lincoln, as well as other presidents deserving of recognition, offering a celebratory 10% discount through February 24, 2014.

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Name George Washington ID# 56196
Headline Rare Fifer Discharge! General Washington discharges a 20-year-old fifer from the American Army  
Date June 9, 1783 Price
Place Head-Quarters, [Newburgh, NY] $17,500.00
Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 56691
Headline “I know nothing of the gentleman or his case ... I merely submit to the Provost Marshal General” writes Lincoln as he forwards a letter from a Kentuckian who claims he “was summarily dismissed from a clerkship” in September because he supposedly “made a very lengthy speech, very vituperative of the administration and the government at the McClellan ratification meeting...” – Lincoln easily defeated McClellan in the November 8, 1864 presidential election.  
Date December 7, 1864 Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $10,000.00

Name [Abraham Lincoln] ID# 57503
Headline First generation photograph taken at Lincoln’s first sitting in Washington  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,000.00
Name John Adams ID# 56943
Headline John Adams franked address leaf to the Committee of the Bunker Hill Association which had enclosed his thanks for sending him an oration delivered on July 4, 1810  
Date August 6, 1810 Price
Place Quincy, Massachusetts $6,800.00

Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 56946
Headline Signed Program for the unveiling of Gutzon Borglum’s “Seated Lincoln” – Roosevelt presented the statue to the City of Newark – Borglum later carved the faces of Lincoln and Roosevelt with Washington and Jefferson on Mount Rushmore  
Date May 30, 1911 Price
Place   $4,500.00

Name John F. Kennedy ID# 52731
Headline President Kennedy expresses his full support to the Governor of Delaware on the historic interstate-Federal compact for the Delaware River Basin.  
Date March 23, 1961 Price
Place The White House, Washington $5,500.00

Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 57359
Headline The day the Civil War began with Confederate troops firing on Fort Sumter, President Abraham Lincoln appoints a United States Marshal  
Date April 12, 1861 Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $62,500.00


Name James Garfield ID# 56915
Headline Foes at the Battle of Chickamauga! An amazing association as former Union General James A. Garfield, now President, recalls former Confederate General James Longstreet from Turkey, at his and his friends’ request, having appointed him a week earlier as federal marshal of Georgia.  
Date May 18, 1881 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $22,500.00


Name Thomas Jefferson ID# 53454
Headline Jefferson defends the most controversial Act of his Presidency: The Embargo: "To have submitted our rightful commerce to...tributary exactions...would have been to surrender our independence"  
Date August 26, 1808 Price
Place [Monticello] $48,000.00


Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 55330
Headline Rare ALS as President! FDR changes his plans to celebrate his Uncle Fred’s 75th birthday to rush to his son’s bedside at the Mayo Clinic – five days later he quickly returns to Washington after Hitler demanded self-determination for 3.5 million Germans living in the Sudetenland in northwest Czechoslovakia and threatened to rescue them  
Date [September 9, 1938] Price
Place [Hyde Park, New York] $15,000.00


Name Rutherford B. Hayes ID# 56509
Headline One of the finest Hayes presidential letters extant! Hayes writes of the ongoing “railroad riots” – The Great Strike of 1877, Grant’s reception in England, and Blaine’s “indiscreet complaints” which have “got himself well laughed at…”  
Date July 28, 1877 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $6,500.00


Name John Tyler (President) ID# 51171
Headline The finest John Tyler ALS in private hands mentioning the most important political slogan in American history, Tippecanoe and Tyler too. He writes “the new Tip and Tie firm” is “Buck and Breck”(Buchanan and Breckinridge), the 1856 Democratic ticket.  
Date June [18], 1856 Price
Place Sherwood Forest, Virginia $23,000.00


Name William Henry Harrison ID# 57236
Headline William Henry Harrison exceedingly rare presidential signature!  
Date [March 1841] Price
Place [Washington] $35,000.00


Name Ronald Reagan
Mikhail Gorbachev
ID# 56795
Headline Signed Color Photograph of President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev in the White House Library the day they signed the treaty eliminating intermediate-range nuclear missiles  
Date [December 1987] Price
Place n.p. $9,000.00


Name Lyndon B. Johnson ID# 56211
Headline Exceedingly Rare and Historically Desirable! Three Lyndon B. Johnson State of the Union addresses, each signed as President, obtained by Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey  
Date 1966-1968 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $15,000.00


Name Dwight D. Eisenhower ID# 57240
Headline General Eisenhower’s signed D-Day Orders to his troops bound in a limited numbered First Edition of his “Crusade in Europe”.  
Date 1948 Price
Place n.p. $6,000.00


Name Thomas Jefferson
Samuel Huntington
ID# 56014
Headline Signer Samuel Huntington’s copy signed by Thomas Jefferson! An Impressive, Official Act of Congress ready for display  
Date March 2, 1793 Price
Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $22,500.00

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