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Paid in Full

Part of what interests us about legendary people is discovering what they were really like – perhaps in hopes that, despite their great achievements, they may be just like us.  And, if they are just like us, perhaps we too are capable of great things. Checks and receipts left by the famous and the infamous often tell us more than a signature alone, yet some only heighten our curiosity. Jack Kerouac wrote a check to a Long Island Auctioneer in 1958 shortly before his ‘beat’ movie “Pull My Daisy” premiered. What for? Marilyn Monroe signed a Marilyn Monroe Productions check for $1300 to her favorite clothing store, Jax Manhattan – a business expense? A 1776 receipt from Arthur St. Clair for medical care of soldiers included care for a woman, Mary Faire, “belonging to said Company”. What was her role? Future President Harry S. Truman wrote a check to cash for $5 which was marked “Garnished” – he was apparently delinquent in paying taxes in the 1920s.  Any check or receipt below is available at a 10% discount through Tuesday, June 10, 2014.


Name Marilyn Monroe ID# 58051
Headline Marilyn Buys Clothes! A fine signed bank check with original publicity still from “The Seven Year Itch”  
Date June 5, 1957 Price
Place New York, New York $3,800.00

Name Nantucket Whaling ID# 56850
Headline A 1753 receipt of early whaling history, detailing the purchase of “one barrel blubber oyl” in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  
Date November 1753 Price
Place Nantucket, Massachusetts $350.00

Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 52230
Headline Promissory note signed by FDR as president of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation for repayment in gold coin to himself for his personal funding of the foundation, then signed again by Roosevelt on the verso waiving payment!  
Date February 1, 1927 Price
Place New York $2,400.00


Name Fidel Castro ID# 25001
Headline Fabulous handwritten letter of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro transmitting $100,000 for agricultural development tied into the U.S. embargo, and the highly inflammatory Castro endorsed bank check from 1960 for $100,000: "Stop eating so much shit and explain...".  
Date August 2, 1960 Price
Place Cuba $9,500.00


Name Arthur St. Clair ID# 32691
Headline April 1776, three months before his appointment to Brigadier General, Arthur St. Clair signs a receipt for expenses incurred for medical care of soldiers in the Revolution, including one woman"belonging to said company."  
Date April 20, 1776 Price
Place [Hackensack] $2,400.00

Name Oliver Ellsworth ID# 56645
Headline Six weeks after independence, future Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth orders payment to Dr. Joshua Elderkin “to purchase Tents & Cloathing for the Continental Northern Department…”  
Date August 16, 1776 Price
Place Hartford, Connecticut $450.00

Name Ernest Hemingway ID# 57680
Headline Hemingway writes a check from his Cuban property "Finca La Vigia", endorsed by his friend and fishing buddy, Roberto Herrera.  
Date July 1, 1947 Price
Place [Havana, Cuba] $1,000.00

Name Harry S. Truman ID# 38922
Headline Harry S. Truman "Garnished" bank check  
Date June 3, 1925 Price
Place Kansas City $1,400.00


Name Jack Kerouac ID# 58038
Headline Jack Kerouac signs a $20.00 check to a local auctioneer  
Date June 6, 1958 Price
Place Northampton, New York $800.00

Name Space Shuttle
ID# 57678
Headline While in quarantine for her upcoming mission as the first teacher-in-space, after the fourth postponement, Christa McAuliffe orders Challenger souvenirs very shortly before her ill-fated mission – one of only two known checks, this is the finer  
Date January 25, 1986 Price
Place [Kennedy Space Center, Florida] $4,500.00

Name Timothy Pickering ID# 55684
Headline Revolutionary War handwritten receipt from Timothy Pickering for $45.67 paid to a Massachusetts Regiment Surgeon for forage rations  
Date February 26, 1783 Price
Place n.p. $850.00


Name Joe Bonanno ID# 54834
Headline Life as he saw it! A pair of glasses worn by Mafia Crime Boss Joe Bonanno with COA signed by his daughter-in-law, Rosalie Profaci Bonanno, niece of Mafia Crime Boss Joseph Profaci – includes a twice-signed check by Joe Bonanno.  
Date May 25, 1973 Price
Place Tucson, Arizona $4,500.00


Name Beatrix Potter ID# 56639
Headline The year her “Peter Rabbit’s Almanac” was published, Beatrix Potter fills out and signs a receipt in her capacity as treasurer of the Hawkshead and District Nursing Association.  
Date March 7, 1928 Price
Place Hawkshead, England $2,500.00


Name Revolutionary War ID# 55443
Headline Receipt for a sword for Rhode Island Gov. Samuel Ward  
Date December 29, 1775 Price
Place n.p. $900.00


Name George A. Custer ID# 56591
Headline Gorgeous framed display of a General George Custer signed check payable to a transvestite on Valentine’s Day accompanied by a rare, original cabinet photo of Custer  
Date February 14, 1873 Price
Place Louisville, KY $7,500.00


Name Pablo Picasso ID# 58025
Headline Pablo Picasso boldly and artistically endorses a $25.00 check made out to him and declines to cash it  
Date Fulton, Missouri Price
Place October 25, 1961 $3,000.00


Name Albert Gallatin ID# 56388
Headline Treasury Secretary Gallatin acknowledges receiving eight receipts totaling $7000 from the Boston branch of the Bank of the United States  
Date June 17, 1801 Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $750.00



Name Samuel L. Clemens ID# 57468
Headline Mark Twain pays H.W. Bergen to make a copy of his manuscript of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”  
Date July 13, 1875 Price
Place Hartford, Connecticut $3,000.00


Name Neil Armstrong
Apollo XI Astronauts
ID# 56731
Headline Rare Neil Armstrong Signed Check relating to interest on his pension  
Date June 30, 1987 Price
Place [Cincinnati, Ohio] $13,500.00


Name Benjamin Harrison, (President) ID# 56894
Headline Check signed by Benjamin Harrison just a year before his death.  
Date January 5, 1900 Price
Place Indianapolis, IN $375.00

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