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Vol.2, Iss.8: 150th Anniversary of the Civil War


150th Anniversary of the Civil War

150 years ago, the country erupted into our only Civil War.  It pitted brother against brother, family against family, state against state, with a death toll that has never been repeated.  At University Archives, we have a huge, diverse offering of Civil War related materials.  Here are just a few samplings:

Please visit the University Archives website to access our inventory, with over 20,000 items available for purchase. 


Name [Robert E. Lee] ID# 52309
Headline Confederate Captain James Mitchel’s contemporary copy of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Farewell to His Troops with an 1862 Confederate Muster Roll of his Virginia Company.  
Date 1862, 1865 Price
Place Virginia $2,500.00
Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 51813
Headline “I know nothing of the gentleman or his case ... I merely submit to the Provost Marshal General” writes Lincoln as he forwards a letter from a Kentuckian who claims he “was summarily dismissed from a clerkship” in September because he supposedly “made a very lengthy speech, very vituperative of the administration and the government at the McClellan ratification meeting...” – Lincoln easily defeated McClellan in the November 8, 1864 presidential election.  
Date December 7, 1864 Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $10,000.00


Name Ulysses S. Grant ID# 50807
Headline From Union War Headquarters at City Point, Virginia, Grant signs a Carte-de-Visite in October, 1864, during the siege of Petersburg.  
Date October 1864 Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00


Name [Jefferson Davis] ID# 51444
Headline General Nelson A. Miles, in command of Fort Monroe, reports that “the prisoner ‘Davis’ is feeling quite comfortable this morning ... I do not think it possible for him to escape, even if the sentinels are taken out of the front room, he will still be under two locks, aside from the Guard in front of his cell.”  
Date August 22, 1865 Price
Place Fort Monroe, Virginia $4,500.00


Name Civil War ID# 38101
Headline Rare, partially printed Alabama parole of a Confederate soldier.  
Date May 14, 1865 Price
Place Gainsville, Ala. $1,900.00


Name Gettysburg ID# 52632
Headline First Published Map of the Battle of Gettysburg, a month before Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address!  
Date [October 1863] Price
Place Gettysburg $12,000.00


Name William T. Sherman ID# 37402
Headline Amazing eleven page archive of four letters from Sherman on Ulysses S. Grant.  
Date 1888-1890 Price
Place New York $9,000.00


Name Joseph G. Totten ID# 34114
Headline Interesting archive of Joseph Totten, Chief of Engineers for the U. S. Army for 25 years, complete with hand-drawn schematics of military architecture.  
Date 1855 Price
Place n.p $3,000.00



Name Slavery ID# 51745
Headline Wrought iron slave shackle with original key.  
Date Circa 1840s Price
Place [South Carolina] $4,000.00



Name Civil War ID# 51738
Headline Enlisting because “when Fort Sumter was fired upon” his “blood began to boil,” a New Jersey private writes to his mother about the Battle of Gaines Mill, coming “out of the battle unharmed but with the rest of his noble regt were prisoners of war in the hands of the rebels and so were marched into Richmond the capital of the Southern Confederacy...” – includes wooden spoon and ring he carved in Danville prison  
Date 1863-1864 Price
Place Danville Prison and elsewhere $1,900.00



Name Civil War ID# 52637
Headline A fine set of letters spanning the crucial years of the Civil War with significant interest in southern politics and medicine.  
Date 1831-1951 Price
Place Georgia $1,300.00


Name James Longstreet
Elihu Root
ID# 53591
Headline Calling President William McKinley “the most beloved Executive that the country has known,” Confederate General Longstreet asks him for the appointment of his son to Captain of a staff corps – six months later, Secretary of War Elihu Root, now serving under President Theodore Roosevelt, replies to a later letter that “as all of the staff appointments have been made, I regret it will not be possible to give your request in behalf of your son favorable consideration…”  
Date April 27, 1901 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $1,200.00

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