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Vol.2, Iss.3


Dear Dealers & Collectors,

It’s been 50 years since a young, new President, told us that “in the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility—I welcome it.” During the all too brief 1,037 days of his administration, President Kennedy faced many crises, from the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Berlin Wall to integrating Ole Miss.

To commemorate this anniversary, University Archives is offering a selection of letters, documents, photographs, and relics of people linked to the life and death of our 35th President, including a handwritten Castro manuscript, an original large photograph of President Kennedy at the Berlin Wall, a JFK letter to a Truman cabinet member “who had been through earlier crises,” letters from JFK and RFK thanking a U.S. Marshall for his work in keeping the peace at Ole Miss as it registered its first Black student, a signed first edition of Mark Shaw’s photographic history of the Kennedys with the original miniature silver gelatin prints, an archive of assassination related letters and memos of JFK’s personal physician Dr. Janet Travell, and the bow from 16-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald’s bow and arrow set, one of the oldest forms of weapons known to man.

Please visit the University Archives website to access our inventory, with over 20,000 items available for purchase. 

Name [John F. Kennedy] ID# 52865
Headline “They really should be in the National Gallery!" (Jackie Kennedy) - 1st Edition of The John F. Kennedys, inscribed by acclaimed Kennedy family photographer Mark Shaw to Kennedy supporter FDR, Jr., with the magnificent original maquette containing all of the images from which the book was produced.  
Date April 15, 1964 Price
Place n.p. $55,000.00
Name [John F. Kennedy] ID# 37488
Headline A smoking gun? A JFK assassination archive containing reports and notes from Presidential Doctor, Janet Travell in an attempt to prove/disprove the pristine bullet theory. Also, a letter from the Select Committee of Assassinations requesting the ". . . pre-assassination x-rays of the late President John F. Kennedy. . ."  
Date   Price
Place   $7,750.00
Name Fidel Castro ID# 51024
Headline A unique Castro handwritten manuscript. Notes for a speech possibly given at the U.N., decrying U.S. actions in the wake of the Bay of Pigs.  
Date n.d Price
Place n.p $25,000.00
Name [Lee Harvey Oswald] ID# 52435
Headline Wooden bow and leather arm guard purchased by 16-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans with an arrow for “about $6 or $7” according to his mother’s Warren Commission testimony.  
Date [January 1956] Price
Place [New Orleans] $17,500.00
Name [John F. Kennedy] ID# 38369
Headline Outstanding Cuban archive ranging from a 1956 Batista signed document to a 2002 Castro signed Letter of State. Most notable is a 9pp memorandum from the Ministry of Foreign Relations relating to the "Bay of Pigs" and comparing JFK to Hitler in this regard. "The road of the North American imperialism is the same as Hitler's . . ."  
Date 1956 - 2002 Price
Place Havana, Cuba $9,500.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 51201
Headline Immediately before President Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech at Berlin City Hall in 1963, his solemn visit to the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie is captured by award-winning UPI photographer James K.W. Atherton in this oversize, original signed photograph. Photo measures 19” X 15.5”.  
Date June 26, 1963 Price
Place Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany $6,750.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 52731
Headline President Kennedy expresses his full support to the Governor of Delaware on the historic interstate-Federal compact for the Delaware River Basin.  
Date March 23, 1961 Price
Place The White House, Washington $5,500.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 52437
Headline Archive of letters to a Deputy U.S. Marshal, part of the first team on duty at the University of Mississippi during the enrollment of James Meredith as the first Black student at Ole Miss – Includes letters from President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.  
Date October/December 1962 Price
Place Terre Haute/Washington, D.C. $4,500.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 53129
Headline In the midst of the Berlin Crisis, just six days before the building of the Berlin Wall began, President Kennedy thanks Truman’s Secretary of the Treasury, who has “been through earlier crises,” for approving his recent pledge to defend West Berlin and postwar occupation rights.  
Date August 9, 1961 Price
Place The White House, Washington $4,000.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 51198
Headline President Kennedy’s eyes are momentarily covered during a ceremony at the University of South Carolina as Kennedy receives his first honorary degree as President. Huge original photograph, 19” X 15.5”, taken by Frank Cancellare.  
Date October 12, 1961 Price
Place University of North Carolina $3,000.00
Name Harry S. Truman ID# 53148
Headline Ten days after John F. Kennedy was elected President, Truman writes his former Secretary of the Treasury in detail about “our new President’s appointments” to the Cabinet.  
Date November 18, 1960 Price
Place Independence, Missouri $2,000.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 33969
Headline Arguably the most important Kennedy relic in private hands. John F. Kennedy's personal briefcase, a wedding gift from Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953. This briefcase, gold-stamped with the intials "JFK", was used by him through the White House years and is documented as being with Jackie when she moved out of the White House after the assassination. It was also used by John F. Kennedy, Jr. when he attended Brown University. It has been exhibited at several venerable museums, and includes over ten pages of documentation. The essence of Camelot!  
Date   Price
Place   $795,000.00

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