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Vol.2, Iss.2


Dear Dealers & Collectors,

Welcome to our latest newsletter, offering some of the finest items available in the marketplace.  Below is a very small sample of the types of material we offer. Please visit the University Archives website to access our inventory, with over 20,000 items available for purchase. 


Name [Thomas Jefferson] ID# 53185
Headline Exceedingly rare broadside of Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address.  
Date 1801 Price
Place n.p. $32,000.00
Name Richard Nixon ID# 53095
Headline Historically Important! President Nixon thanks House Judiciary Committee member Carlos J. Moorhead for “urging me not to resign the Presidency … It is my intention to remain on the job … I endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities…” – Moorhead later voted “No” on both articles of impeachment.  
Date February 20, 1974 Price
Place The White House, Washington $16,000.00
Name Woody Guthrie ID# 53179
Headline Eighteen page handwritten letter, signed twice, to his intimate friend revealing a devastating past, his love for his wife and the rationalization of his feelings for both women.  
Date December 18, 1945 Price
Place Las Vegas, Nevada $15,000.00
Name Max Baer ID# 52867
Headline Huge poster-size photograph signed and inscribed by Max Baer predicting his victory over Primo Carnera for the World Heavyweight Championship ten days later.  
Date June 4, 1934 Price
Place n.p. $12,500.00
Name Zachary Taylor ID# 52880
Headline Exceedingly Rare Zachary Taylor Cabinet Appointment signed just three days after his inauguration.  
Date March 8, 1849 Price
Place Washington $12,500.00
Name [Samuel L. Clemens] ID# 52870
Headline Mark Twain's annotated edition of Villari's The Life and Times of Niccolo Machiavelli.  
Date n.d Price
Place n.p $15,000.00
Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 52948
Headline Fantastic Teddy Roosevelt hand-written manuscript, tipped into a copy of his book The Winning of the West. Roosevelt attacks Jefferson and Madison for their lack of foresight regarding the burning of Washington DC by the British during the War of 1812: "...the cowardly infamy of which Jefferson and Madison...were guilty in not making ready...to protect their capitol...".  
Date 1899/1900 Price
Place n.p. $15,000.00
Name Judaica ID# 50571
Headline A remarkable archive including uniforms, clothing, military supplies and equipment, and ribbons belonging to a soldier in the famed Jewish Brigade in World War II, plus important letters, pamphlets, and ephemera captured in Germany by the Jewish soldier.  
Date c. 1944 - 1945 Price
Place Europe $9,750.00
Name Lord Mountbatten ID# 52054
Headline Mountbatten’s notebook with his original drawings and notations – used by the 16-year-old Midshipman, future Admiral of the Fleet, aboard HMS “Queen Elizabeth” in World War I.  
Date 1917 Price
Place Aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth $5,000.00
Name Ronald Reagan ID# 51104
Headline During World War II, Air Corps Capt. Ronald Reagan certifies General George C. Marshall’s reassignment of an officer, ordered by Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, from America’s first intelligence agency, the OSS in Washington, D.C., to his 18th Army Air Force Base Unit in Culver City, California.  
Date [November 1944] Price
Place Culver City, California $1,800.00
Name George S. Patton Jr. ID# 53188
Headline Arguably history’s greatest warrior gives his views on war in detail: “There will be more wars … had we been prepared, several of the wars we have engaged in would not have happened and all of them would have been much shorter and less bloody … the only hope for a peaceful world is a powerful America … Unless we are so armed and prepared the next war will probably destroy us…”  
Date October 12, 1945 Price
Place HQ Fifteenth US Army [Germany] $14,000.00
Name George S. Patton Jr. ID# 53187
Headline Shortly after his successful participation in World War II, General George S. Patton, Jr. gives “my feelings toward future wars.”  
Date October 12, 1945 Price
Place HQ Fifteenth US Army [ Germany] $7,000.00

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