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Vol.2, Iss.1


Dear Dealers & Collectors,

Welcome to our latest newsletter, offering some of the finest items available in the marketplace.  Below is a very small sample of the types of material we offer. Please visit the University Archives website to access our inventory, with over 20,000 items available for purchase. 


Name J. D. Salinger ID# 53135
Headline Rare signed "J.D.S." drawing of Salinger's fiancee, Mary Bayes, the inscribee of one of the most important 1st Editions of "Catcher in the Rye," with original addressed envelope to her signed, "Salinger." The sketch was drawn during the early months of his book's success, which probably led to the demise of the relationship.  
Date October 14, 1952 Price
Place New York, New York $15,000.00
Name Abraham Lincoln ID# 53114
Headline Lincoln refers to the War Department a letter from 26-year-old Kentuckian Fontaine T. Fox, Jr., to his Congressman requesting the President to “order the Paymaster to pay me” as an Aide-de-Camp – no action was taken until 1866 when President Andrew Johnson signed a Joint Resolution of Congress ordering Fox be paid “a sum equal to the pay and allowances of a first Lieutenant and Aide-de-Camp” from October 8, 1861 to April 3, 1862.  
Date March 27, 1862 Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $7,000.00
Name Allen Ginsberg ID# 53127
Headline Amazing letter in which the Poet Laureate of the Beat Generation lists his “favorite musical compositions accumulated in ear/mind” – including specific works by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, “Prajnaparamita Sutra … which will turn everyone on … Hare Krishna Mantra … Fugs record on which I sang, or George Harrison’s recent ‘My Sweet Lord’ … Scott Joplin – Maple Leaf Rag … Bessie Smith … Ray Charles … Opera. Bertol Brecht / Kurt Weil Mahagony … Some Versions of Rolling Stones’ Lets Spend the Night Together,” four Beatles hits, “J. Lennon – Give Peace a Chance … Bob Dylan…”  
Date February 10, 1971 Price
Place [Cherry Valley, NY] $5,000.00
Name Robert E. Lee ID# 53100
Headline Signed image as General in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States of America.  
Date 1865 Price
Place n.p. $4,900.00
Name Helen Keller ID# 52996
Headline First Edition "The Story of My Life," inscribed by Helen Keller in the year of publication.  
Date May 14, 1903 Price
Place Cambridge, [Massachusetts] $4,500.00
Name John F. Kennedy ID# 53129
Headline In the midst of the Berlin Crisis, just six days before the building of the Berlin Wall began, President Kennedy thanks Truman’s Secretary of the Treasury, who has “been through earlier crises,” for approving his recent pledge to defend West Berlin and postwar occupation rights.  
Date August 9, 1961 Price
Place The White House, Washington $4,000.00
Name Robert Motherwell ID# 53130
Headline Motherwell agrees to allow the reproduction of his drawing “Jewish Candelabra” in a forthcoming issue of the literary anthology magazine, “New World Writing.”  
Date August 1, 1953 Price
Place n.p. $400.00
Name Presidents ID# 53073
Headline Magnificent America’s National Pastime presidential heirloom in the making: mint baseball signed by Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.  
Date 2000-2010 Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00
Name Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
ID# 53029
Headline A Jefferson and Madison signed Ohio land grant arising from the 1796 Act of Congress setting aside land for soldiers of the Revolutionary War and the "United Brethren for propagating the gospel among the heathen," with excellent signatures.  
Date October 7, 1805 Price
Place Washington $5,400.00
Name Rachel Jackson ID# 53092
Headline Extremely rare poignant ALS of Rachel Jackson, one of two known, penned to her 19-year-old nephew Andrew Jackson Donelson at West Point a day after her brother died, quoting from Job, Matthew, and Psalm, awaiting the return to the Hermitage after a five week absence of “Uncle Jackson,” and giving advice to her nephew as “a Second Mother”…  
Date October 19, 1818 Price
Place Hermitage $8,500.00
Name William Clinton ID# 53031
Headline A subperb, darkly penned Bill Clinton ALS as President on White House stationery.  
Date August 7, 1995 Price
Place Washington DC $5,000.00
Name James Madison ID# 53081
Headline The “Father of the Constitution” grants to General William C. Schenck land “north of John C. Symmes … lying between the Great Miami river and the Virginia reservation…” – Symmes daughter Anna had married William Henry Harrison in 1795.  
Date March 19, 1813 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $1,200.00

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